How do I change his/her diet?

All gently so as not to disturb your dog’s digestive system.

During the first 2 days, give 2/3 current food and 1/3 Feed My Dog

The following 2 days: give half half, like fondue! Half with current food and the other half with Feed My Dog

The last 2 days: give 2/3 Feed My Dog and 1/3 usual food

Then for the rest of his/her life, Feed My Dog!


How much should I give?

Quantities depend on the age, breed and lifestyle of each dog and are therefore individualized.

At Feed My Dod we like things to be simple, a jar corresponds to the daily ration, no need to weigh every meal!

Why choose glass jars?

This packaging allows good food preservation and does not use chemical materials that can spread bisphenol or other controversial substances in food.

And above all, it is reusable! At each delivery, we will collect used jars to wash and reuse them for future deliveries.


How do I keep the meals?

We do not use a vacuum process to avoid the use of plastic. Sterilizing products in jars would involve exposing products to high temperatures that would destroy some of the nutrients in vegetables and meat used. In addition, the nutritional supplements essential for your dog’s balance do not bear to be heated.

That is why we have opted for the production and delivery of ultra-fresh food packaged in glass jars. They must be kept in the refrigerator and consumed within eight days after delivery.


Can I heat the meals?

If your dog prefers to eat warm, you can pour some warm water into his/her food bowl, but the meal should not be heated (microwave, pan, oven) in order to preserve the nutrients of the different ingredients.


Can I freeze the meals?

Jars are not intended to be frozen and must be consumed within eight days after delivery.

If you are going on holidays, please contact us to find a solution.


Will my dog like Feed My Dog?

It’s 100% sure!

By offering your dog our jars, you grant him with a very high quality and very appetizing food.It’s like he/she’s eating dinner with you…


Can I order online?

It is not possible to order by internet because we need information about your dog in order to allow us to identify its needs according to its breed, age, lifestyle and health… We instead prefer to discuss with you in order to better know him/her before cooking him/her a delicious meal!


A question, a special request, or just want to try our jars?
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