Here is a list of partners that we recommend you for your dogs:


Julie Klein


Tellington TTouch certified practitioner for all companion animals, Bach Foundation Registered Practitioner (BFRP), and dog trainer specialized in behaviorism (SCAV 08/00GE, 14/0003). I coach you by orienting the work on the physical, mental and emotional balance of your animal. This optimizes the positive results in the context of learning and in everyday life.




Association AOA Education Canine

Education courses, internships and summer camps  –  positive methods, clicker training

Dog daycare – Training courses

Professionals directories: dog walkers, boarding, dog trainers



Michèle-Ouarda Dardouri

Dog trainer specialized in rehabilitation and behaviour   –   Animal related training courses

Clicker training, puppy, beginner and advanced training   –   Geneva and France

aoa-formation.ch | aoa-educationcanine.ch




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