With our “never too late to start doing right” vision, we emphasize the need and urgency to change our consumption patterns and interactions with animals and humans, but also and especially the fact that there is still time to make things happen!


Do it right for your dog

Our companions deserve better than croquettes, dry and ultra-processed products, from the agro-food industry, with adverse long-term effects. While ultra-processed products are constantly being called into question for human consumption, they are still too often the standard for feeding our domestic animals.

Our recipes change with the season and help to vary your dog’s intakes and pleasures throughout the year and allow to cut the monotony of traditional industrial dog dry food. They will contribute to make your dog’s life better and longer.

Our meals are tailored and adjusted to each dog’s needs in order to bring them the nutrition corresponding to their lifestyle. Recipes are elaborated in partnership with a recognised nutritionist veterinarian.


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Do it right for our Earth

To minimize as much as possible the ecological footprint, Feed My Dog selects mainly local organic producers to reduce the use of fertilizers and pesticides. We try to reduce goods transport-related pollution by selecting our providers within a 30km radius from Geneva.

With this environment friendly spirit in mind, we banned the use of plastic and use returnable glass jars instead, that we wash and reuse. We also decided not to use labels or overpacks on our products to limit waste, and regulated information will be communicated to you via email.

Our jars are tailored for each dog to avoid storing and discarding in case of unsold production. We compost green waste, and are always thinking of more eco-friendly solutions to deliver our products to your door.

Feed My Dog aims to be as environmentally friendly as possible and is constantly exploring new ways to further reduce its ecological footprint.


Do it right for humans

We want to keep people and social aspects at the heart of our approach, which is why we work as much as possible with local suppliers to actively contribute to the local economic dynamism.

We are also looking for alternative feeding ways to reduce animal-based protein intake in our meals and hope that in the medium run we will be able to offer alternatives to meat-based meals.

Feed My Dog also support SPAs other associations fighting for the animal cause.



Through our commitments and strong values, we offer you high quality products, respectful of the needs of your animal, the planet and humans.

By choosing Feed My Dog, you are making a responsible choice by prioritising environmental and social considerations.



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